Nestled in the beautiful natural setting of the bay of Paraggi, in Santa Margherita Ligure, the Bagni Fiore have been representing since 1927 a perfect combination of luxury seaside tradition made in Italy.
Gianni Campodonico
Gian Luigi Campodonico
The bathhouse, on the characteristic rocky coast, stands as a natural theater. The protagonist is the sea in all its transparency, its award-winning purity and its green emerald reverberations.
All these qualities have made this tourist destination a prestigious location for important films and social events.

A short walk from Portofino, you can stay for short or long periods, choosing according to your personal or family needs. The beach area, with its unique fine sand and convenient locations, is the favorite destination for families. It guarantees both the relaxation of the family and the safety and enjoyment of their children. Daily, our qualified staff of animators will arrange entertainment for your kids and children, both in the water and in our play area.

The stone platform and the long promenade, with the raditional red cabins, represent an alternative attractive to the beach. Guests can enjoy the area with a feeling of contact with the surface of the sea, perhaps during a lunch or a drink served directly under your umbrella.

Another strength and peculiarity of Bagni Fiore are the two large wood terraces. Here you can enjoy, as if you were standing on the prow of a ship, the vast beauty of the Bay and its charming horizon, relaxing with the pleasant sensation of being constantly caressed by a healthy sea breeze. Every architectural element shows attention to detail and respect for the environment, being the result of the painstaking and loving supervision of the holder, who has been able to constantly renew the place over the years according to the needs of its international clients.

During your stay you can dine in our restaurant where you can taste the specialties of the traditional Ligurian cuisine, a blend of sea and land food. You can attend daily classes of water aerobics and stay connected to the Internet via WiFi wireless satellite network. Our Staff, wearing the characteristic red t-shirt, will be at your disposal for any need, ensuring an impeccable quality of service and a friendly service to your holiday or weekend at the beach.


Bagni Fiore
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